How To Flirt Physically To Push The Relationship Forward


If you’re looking for some strategies on how to flirt physically, then you’ll love this article.

The barrier of touch in male-female relationships? How to defeat her? Touch and its importance in the relationships between men and women. When talking about male-female relationships at a very general level, we can distinguish three main factors that must appear in every relationship. These are: Attractiveness, Comfort and Touch.

How To Flirt Physically:

You will not build relationships without attractiveness. It knows a very large group of people and it’s very good that it is. You must constantly work on your attractiveness to attract the attention of others.

Comfort is nothing but a sense of security in the relationship, freedom of being in someone’s company. When you go with your friends for beer, you do not even think that one of them could try to rob you or pose any threat. You know a shorter or longer time, but it is the company in which you want to stay, because you talk to them well and in addition, you feel comfortable in them. Without such comfort understood, no relationship is possible.

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There is also a touch that we will deal with today. Mainly because it is a forgotten element of the relationship that everyone knows about theoretically, but not everything works as it should.

There are a lot of guys in the world who want to build their relationships with women without any touch, and there are many women who are surprised that the guys after a few dates give up on acquaintance. The reason for the above problems is not always a touch, but it can not be hidden that it is one of the main perpetrators of such a turn of events.

Today you will learn how to introduce a touch to the relationship, in other words – how to cross the barrier of physical contact with a person who likes you to build a relationship with her.

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Why is the touch in the relationship so difficult to introduce?

In addition to a huge group of people who have no idea that physical contact in a relationship with another person is very important, there is a large group of people who are well aware of the value that touch brings to the relationship, especially with the person who they like it. So what is the problem?

The latter are constantly wondering how to introduce this magical touch to the relationship. Why is it so difficult? Why, when are we going to get to the point, suddenly and me and she start to get stressed?

For men, the matter is catastrophic, because we guys do not touch each other in conversation, so it’s so hard to understand how we can do it, and it’s even harder for us to put it into practice and understand that it’s worth it.

When two guys talk, there’s no way they can touch each other, because if two guys are touched in a conversation, people watching from the side usually call these two men just one. You know how.

The fact that guys do not touch during a conversation is due to their nature. Men communicate using words, exchanging logical facts on various topics. Men generally rarely support their message with non-verbal communication like body language or physical contact. That would be at least strange.

Women are usually masters in the field of non-verbal communication and it is just the opposite – when two women talk, they often support their message with just a touch.

This is a way to communicate and share positive emotions, which also results from a woman’s nature – women also communicate by means of words, however, a significant part of the whole message is non-verbal communication – first of all tone of voice, body language and the touch mentioned many times. When one woman touches the other, she gives her a subliminal sense that she feels comfortable and well with her, which has a positive effect on their relationship.

It is worth noting that this touch is not intrusive or inconspicuous – usually it is a quick touch on the shoulder, above the elbow or knee, when both women are sitting. I wonder how much the women themselves are aware of the fact that they touch so often, but in the vast majority of cases – it is so natural that (probably) they do not think about it.

If you have never seen a similar phenomenon, go to any gallery in any major city and observe the people meeting and their way of communication.

So where is the source of the problem?

When a woman meets a guy, here is the dog buried. A guy like a guy, often unaware that you have to touch at all. Many guys (yes, including myself, many years ago, I had exactly the same), think that things like kissing and sex are happening. Well, no one has ever taught them so it must be the first time. This is the article for you to finally look at your eyes. Nothing will happen.

So that’s the guys problem. They think that it will happen by itself, and later a painful disappointment comes. The problem with women, however, is that in relationships with men they do not touch as boldly as it is when they talk to other women. What is the effect Literally no physical contact in the relationship. And what are the consequences of not having this contact? Masakryczne, anyway, see for yourself

The effects of the lack of physical contact in the relationship

Framed frame. The purpose of this article is primarily to show you how important a touch is in every male-female relationship. The first effect of the lack of touch is to hit the commonly known frieddzone. Usually, there is some attractiveness built (on a small level, but it is), the level of comfort reaches the zenith (because the person who friendzonuje talks to you often and does not run away) but every friendzone has one determinant – there is no physical contact !

Okay, maybe this is the cudas at the beginning of the meeting and at the end, but that’s nothing compared to what I’ll teach you at the end of this article. By the way, every time I solve the case of coming out of friendzone, after the introduction of the question which is touch, magical things happen. I wrote more about leaving friendzone in another article in my article.

Lack of interest from the woman. It is very often the case that a woman is simply bored with a guy who does not take any bold steps towards developing relationships. If there is no kiss for the first few meetings, the woman loses hope. The further into the forest, the more it loses. Someone will just tell you that he does not want to meet you.

Right away – the article is about touch, and you are now writing about Kornel’s kiss. How could that make any sense? A kiss is an essential element of every relationship that something else has to come out of. However, for this kiss to be something natural and expected, it must be preceded by any, even asexual touch. If your body does not have contact with you at all, and then you suddenly try to kiss a woman, often the only reaction will be surprise. Therefore, remember once and for all – the touch should be gradually introduced into the relationship, and you should start with the fact that you should enter it at all, because if you do not do it – your chosen one will lose interest in your person.

Lack of interest from the guy. It was about the mistakes of men, now something about the mistakes of women. Sometimes it’s like a woman does not want to date a guy anymore because she does not see the point, but sometimes the guy does not want to date another date. Especially if we’re talking about those really attractive guys that you, as a woman, dream about. Why is this happening? The perpetrator is also a touch to a large extent.

You see, the basic mistake of women when getting to know new guys is faith in 100% that your beauty and 3-hour painting before the date will do the trick. I go, I do not think about emanating femininity and being sexual, because the look is enough.

Later, however, I read on women’s forums – “Why was everything good, and suddenly he does not want to meet again?” My dear lady, maybe because in addition to the appearance you should radiate a sexual aura, so provoke a guy to the touch that we talk about today.

Often the guys are accused of not pushing the relationship forward, but if it happens that the guy doubles up and takes to interest the woman and initiates a touch that does not meet with reciprocation, he begins to think that something is wrong. And later it may come to the conclusion that it is not worth trying. Conclusions? Gentlemen, touch more often, even asexually, to get used to touch and that it should not be strange.

Lord, encourage this touch. No, not in words. Gestures. Body language. Look. Touch “by accident” yourself. Well, that’s it. Here comes the real problem, probably one of the largest, about which one can speak in the relations between men and women.

How to touch? How do you touch it so you do not go out on the aggressive? How do you touch it so you do not go out on the “easy”? In male-female relationships, a solution is rarely found that works well for both women and men at the same time, but the issue of introducing touch into a relationship is an exception. So read carefully, because now the icing on the cake:

Is there a way to touch that does not cause stress and fear? Yes of course. It is known that a direct, sexual touch can be frightening. If you have experience in relationships and dates, you regularly meet new people, it probably will not be a problem for you to show what you want with physical contact.

Worse, if you do not have this experience. In such moments, my uncle Kornel comes to help, I have two amazing ways for you today to introduce touch to the relationship and gradually increase its intensity. These are:

Story telling

When it comes to storytelling, the case seems to be complicated at first, but with time it will turn out to be a piece of cake. Prepare yourself a few – a dozen stories from your life. The best ones that you would like to hear. I agree 100% that it will take some time, but you will get profits for a very long time.

Now, think about how to remodel these stories in a way to “smuggle” their touch? Sounds weird? Probably yes, so I’ll show you an example. You tell the girl you are on a date with that you had a wonderful high school teacher. It was simply sensational, she always joked, it was not enough to do – it was a real ecstasy.

How to enter a touch here? E.g. yes:

“My teacher had hair … (here you touch the girl’s hair and look at them with great attention) similar to yours” After which you take your hand. What do you achieve with this? Virtually the same profits. The touch is natural because you do not grasp, but only demonstrate what your teacher’s hair color was, what is needed for the story to be complete, and you want to be well understood, so you stress less.

The girl you touch also gets stressed less because she knows that you are not pushing with your paws without a punishment, but only showing what you have to show (In the end, this story, and you want to faithfully reproduce it). The bond and intimacy between you grows naturally, because we touch those people we like and among which we want to spend time.
You can tell me it’s funny that it does not work, blah blah blah … Men are afraid (even asexually) to touch women on a date and have been repeatedly confirmed that this is a great way to ensure the comfort of one and the other side. If you do not stress, you can easily touch it openly, but if you feel that you have any barriers, I suggest you start with what I have just told you

You can, of course, touch the whole “touch”, that is, go a step further when you feel good with yourself and the first cognitive stress has passed. The article is for both women and men, so now I will describe it from the women’s perspective: You’ve seen a great shirt lately. Well, like a glove would fit a slightly muscular man with a height of 175cm. And it just happens that you have a date for a few days. Guess how to use this simple fact to build a great touch?

You tell him you saw a great shirt. Then, the right part begins. So, you tell him one by one: “Here (you touch the area around his neck) she had such a collar, slightly bent and well beheaded, here (you touch the torso) she had such a pocket, it can fit easily in her phone. Ooo, she still had such interesting patterns on the forearm, here, exactly like that ( you draw patterns on your forearm) ”

Again – what do you achieve with this action? A touch at a really advanced level, and all this is natural, because you are not doing anything wrong or going too far – you only show what shirt you have seen, and you announce that it would suit him well.

As for the second case, as you can see, this touch is a bit more advanced. Therefore , each timeyou touch a newly-met person, start with a short touch to gradually extend it later. Keep watching if the other person feels comfortable with it. This is very important, because you can actually be considered a freak if you keep telling and showing something on the other person’s body. I will use prudence here, I leave it to my own thoughts.

Touch in special situations

There is another, a bit more direct way, but still “under the radar”. As you show something on your phone, move closer to the other person so that she can see well. You can touch your knees. It is also a touch and it is a very good way to start entering physical contact in your relationship. If you want to say something to someone and are turned back (or sideways), touch it slightly above the elbow. Most people simply say “Ejjj” to a person who stands with their backs , and you can use it to your advantage and introduce a touch.
When you get up and go somewhere, you can touch the person next to you in the knee to focus her attention. Just “for going away”. There are still a lot of similar situations where you can ” touch” without fear of going out on a freak, but using the two techniques above, you’ll see what suits you best;)


The touch is a key element in the relationship. You can not build anything more serious without it. Remember that: You should touch the other person (At first asexually) from the beginning of the relationship. This touch does not have to appear in the first minute of the meeting, but if you spend the entire date facing each other without any physical contact, it will be very difficult to develop this relationship. Prepare a few stories from your life and remodel them so that you can use them to touch the relationship.

Keep an eye on the reaction to your touch. Sometimes it’s better to overdo it, than touch it at all, but when you do it all the time, you can be very badly picked up. It all depends on the situation – you will not do anything at the club without touch. On a date in a cafe, this touch is important, but it should be introduced with sensitivity and slowly. Make a habit of touching other people in conversation – a light, friendly touch above the elbow is really indicated, because it builds a bond between you. Thanks to this, it will be easier for you to touch meetings with the opposite sex.