Top 5 Ways On How To Find a Job After Graduation


Today you’re going to learn how to find a job after graduation.

Each graduate of the university on the day of receiving the diploma thinks that the world is open to him. However, once he leaves the university walls, he is convinced that the market is full of unemployed masters and engineers, and higher education is not a guarantee of employment. What to do to find a job after graduation? Several hundred thousand young people ask themselves this question every year. Here are some tips that can help you find yourself in this new reality.

How To Find a Job After Graduation?

1. Check on the internet for what company from an industry related to your field of study, operate in the region.

Do not wait for one of them to put a job ad. The best way is to go to the company’s headquarters and ask if you are looking for an employee with qualifications like yours. Have a CV and a cover letter with you, in which you must justify why you are interested in working for this company. Remember that the letter always matches the specific profile company . If the company is not currently recruiting, suggest that you leave your documents “for the future.”

2. Browse job offers posted on the internet.

If one of them meets your expectations, send the application. Do not fall down if you do not receive the phone immediately with an invitation to an interview. The job offer is usually valid for about 2 weeks from the date of its publication, so do not expect a response before the deadline expires.

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3. If you can not find a job right away, it is a good idea to register at the Labor Office.

For unemployed people over 26, this is the only chance for health insurance. The status of the unemployed, apart from the onerous duty of periodically confirming one’s ability to work, also has its advantages. Thanks to it, you can apply for a paid internship from the Labor Office. Traineeship offers are available on the Labor Office website and other job offer websites. You can also go to the companies where you would like to work and offer them an internship. Employers are willing to accept graduates for an internship, because they gain a “free” employee. For you, it is a great opportunity to acquire valuable professional experience. People who during the internship will make a good impression on the employer, they can count on employment after completion of the internship. The internship can last from 3 months to year time.

The status of an unemployed person also allows you to participate in free training organized by the Labor Office. These trainings last several weeks and take place during “school” hours, ie usually from 8 to 16. Therefore, it is not possible to participate in training and internships at the same time.

4. Even if for some reason you are still unemployed, remember to constantly improve your qualifications.

Sign up for the course, search the internet for information about free online training. Use this time to develop your interests and improve your qualifications. Instead of “holes” in your CV, you will be able to boast of completed courses and certificates.

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5. Do not worry!

The situation on the labor market, both in your country and in the world, makes finding a job more difficult than it was a few years ago. For this reason, do not give up or break down. Finding a satisfying job is just a matter of time.