16 Job Search Tips On How To Find a Job After 50


Want to know how to find a job after 50? Then you’re in the right place.

Finding a job is never easy. Either we are too young or too old, or we do not have adequate experience and skills, or we have too many of them and we are “too good” for the position we are applying for. However, finding a job is not impossible again. Just a bit of self-denial, discipline and motivation. Below are 16 tips that will help people over 50 to find a job.

How To Find a Job After 50?

1. First, think about what you would like to do now.

You are already of an age that you can think about what you want and not what you should do.

2. Your job application should also take into account the future and not just the past.

The cover letter should not be read as the “retiree” achievements. Write from the perspective of the person applying for a job and thinking about the future and not about the past. Write about what you can do and bring to the company. The person reading the application should subconsciously have your words in mind, “look what I can do for your company” and not “look what I did”.

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3. Do not skip anything from your resume.

You’ve worked hard all these years to become who you are now. You must therefore be proud of yourself and show enthusiasm in relation to what you are going to do.

4. Do not avoid terms like multitasking or dynamism.

Raising children has surely taught you many things, so you will certainly be able to face everything and everything.

5. Learn new things and learn about new technologies.

Prove that you can teach the old dog new tricks. Everyone knows how difficult it is to keep up with the rapid development and it is really impressive when someone has been following all the news for a long time.

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6. Be open to new paths of development.

Think about your skills that will be used in a different industry than you have ever worked for. It is never too late to find a dream job.

7. Set up your own company.

You already have experience and skills. Why should not you start working on your own account?

8. Finding a job can be depressing, but remember to do a lot of exercise and eat well during this period.

Thanks to this you will have more energy and optimism, which can greatly influence the decision to take you to work.

9. When looking for a job, hire a part-time job as a volunteer.

Thanks to this you will have a smaller “hole” in your life history and you will continue to be up to date in the industry. Volunteering can sometimes also change into a paid job.

10. Update your knowledge before the interview.

Even if you have the necessary skills and technological knowledge you could skip past industry trends or new jargon.

11. Limit your cover letter to 2 pages.

Focus on past positions that were relevant and impressive in relation to the work you are applying for.

12. Released due to employment reduction?

If so then you have to start looking for work at an accelerated pace. The longer you are unemployed, the longer you will find a new job.

13. If you know the computer well, make sure that you have posted this information in your CV.

Many people are convinced that older people have less experience in using a computer.

14. If you want to continue your career then write a cover letter in a normal way.

If you want to change the industry, limit your past career in one paragraph and then focus on your skills and achievements that will apply to the job you are applying for.

15. Never think that your CV has not been rejected because of age.

Most likely, there were other reasons why the company did not contact you. Instead of grieving and thinking, send another CV. Finding a job is never easy – even if you are 20 or 30 years old.

16. Never pretend and do not act like you are younger than you are.

Act normally and naturally. Maybe you will look younger in your eyes but you will still be in them as old as you are.