How to Eat Peach: 16 [Delicious] Ways


This new article will show you everything you need to know about how to eat a peach.

Peaches are one of the most popular fruits. Initially they originated in China, where they had been grown for 1,000 years before Christ and where every bride wears on a wedding day peach flowers. The ancient Romans called “Persian apples” in peaches, and they were brought to the United States by Christopher Columbus. Peaches are available all over the world, are tasty and easy to grow. Learn how to choose the right ripe peaches and how to eat both raw and cooked.

How to Eat Peach:

1. Buy peaches at the time of their season.

The best peaches are those that grew up in your area, and they were picked up when they almost fall from the tree. It depends on which variety because the season of each one culminates differently. For example, the peaches in the United States mature from approximately April to October. The peach season by region is as follows:Florida: April – May, California: May – September, Georgia: May-August, South Carolina: May-August, Michigan: July – September, New Jersey: July – September, Idaho: August – October, Chile: November – April.

2. Choose ripe peaches.

It is best to buy peaches when they are ripe and consume them within 2-3 days. Peaches, purchased in the store, tend to be less mature, but when they are left at room temperature for 3-7 days, they ripen you. If the peaches are stored in the refrigerator, the ripening stops, so if they are just as ripe as you like, you can put them in a paper bag and put them in the fridge. In the store, choose peaches that are heavier than they look – it is a sign that their flesh is dense and juicy. Do not peach the peaches to see if they are “soft.” Ripe peaches are easily dipped, the stinging on them remains, and the damaged site is prone to rot. Ripe peaches mostly smell in the vicinity of the stem, although some are more aromatic than others.

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3. Learn to learn about different kinds of peaches.

Peaches are grown for over 3,000 years, and hundreds of different cultivars are all over the world. In most Western countries, most peaches have yellow-orange flesh, Asian varieties tend to be white. The most delicious peach to eat? The one that grows in your area. Local peaches are much more juicy and fresher because they are more mature, unlike the fruits that are waiting for half-globe. The famous peach from US Georgia is, in fact, the cultivar “Elbert.” Other common varieties include June Lady, Flavorcrest, and Red Top.  All peaches are divided into two types – depending on whether the package is solid or free. Sometimes he holds firm on his flesh and has to cut himself; sometimes he can easily pull his fingers. There are also some hybrid cultivars. “Butter” peaches are mostly roasted and most often sold as a delicacy. These ripe peaches are incredibly juicy, and their flesh dissolves in their mouths. Other types of peaches have a much firmer flesh so they can be used, for example, for loading.

4. Learn how to store the peaches properly.

When buying peaches, remove the stems from them and store them down with an airy cloth that will allow them to ripen properly. The most suitable for this purpose are linen or cotton wipes or napkins. Cover the peaches with a thin napkin to keep them ripe. Put them in the fridge in a paper bag or loose – if the flesh is soft and smells strong. When you store the peaches in the refrigerator, you should eat them in a few days. Within a week, they may override. Never store the peaches in plastic bags that can bloat bacteria. If you want to freeze the peaches, you can blanch them quickly and then peel off the peel and cut them into bite-sized pieces. Freeze in airtight bags.

5. Before rinsing the peach rinse.

Always wash the peach in clean water and gently wipe your skin with your fingers or a vegetable brush just before you bite it or otherwise process it. This will remove dirt and bacteria as well as pesticide residues. Wait for the peach to only before you consume them. When the peaches are soaked and then put into the fridge, you can boost the growth of bacteria. The peach peel is of course food, but if you want, peel off with a knife. The peach peel contains a lot of nutrients and fiber, but some people hurt her hair.

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6. Eat a peach just like an apple.

The best way to eat a ripe peach? Simply bite it. You can eat it entirely, of course, except for the fish. Try to cut the peach in half, with a knife in the middle of it, and then twist it in half to allow it to loosen. Then eat every half without worrying that you bite into hard rock. One of the best things on a ripe peach is its liquid consistency. Some may, however, be juicy too, so be careful not to kiss your shirt. Put your napkin in your hand.

7. Cut the peach.

Using a thin pricking knife, cut the pulp from the stem to the end of the fetus, just along the stone. Separate half the peaches from each other and then each split into three or more pieces, depending on the size of the peach. It is the first snack with fresh fruit. Try sprinkling the peach with a pinch of cinnamon or brown sugar if you’re sweet. Another great addition is fresh whipped cream. If you have a peach that holds hold, it can be challenging to pull it. Finally, you end up with the crushed peach, clinging to the baking pan.

8. Chopped peach or slices can be mixed with yogurt or cottage cheese.

If you want only a slightly sweet, fruity yogurt or cheese, the peach is a perfect choice. In addition to beneficial probiotics contained in yogurt, you can also get peach substances that are rich in potassium, vitamins A and C, antioxidants and various other nutrients. Moreover, and merely the peach tastes excellent. Do you want a luxury delicacy? Add some chopped peaches to the vanilla ice cream cup. Divine!

9. Add peaches to smoothies.

To prepare the smoothie, it is better to peel peeled peaches, which sweeten it. For simple breakfast smoothie with peaches, try the following: In a kitchen robot or blender, mix the same amount of peaches and milk with ice (just two cups each). Add three times more orange juice, and if you want, you can still sweeten with honey. Other ingredients that are very suitable for peach smoothies are, for example, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, yogurt, chia seeds, peanut butter or oatmeal.

10. Use the chopped peach into different blends.

Peaches, cut into pieces, fit into muesli and various cereals or other mixtures. Try to peach the following: Granola or other breakfast cereals, Oatmeal, Grain porridge, Polenta or semolina, Müsli.

11. Mix the drink bellini.

Do you want a summer peach drink? Something Ernest Hemingway liked? But sure! Mix a little pepper mixed with lemon juice and have the basis for a sweet champagne cocktail. Then add these ingredients to the mixer: Put the peeled and peeled peaches in the blender together with one lemon juice. Mix to a smooth and then taste with honey or sugar or another spoon of lemon juice. Pour a bit of mixed mix into a champagne glass and then add excellent sparkling wine, preferably spumante or champagne. And you have a great summer refreshment.

12. Prepare Melba peach dessert.

Poached peaches, fresh crushed raspberries, and vanilla ice cream. What more do you want? Here’s the exact tutorial: In the pan, warm a cup of water along with a spoon of lemon juice and about a cup of sugar. Stir for sugar to dissolve. Bring quickly to the boil, and put four halves of peeled peaches, to remove the peeled and put them in a soft cloth. Then take a perforated spoon. In a kitchen robot or blender, mix three cups of raspberries with a quarter cup of powdered sugar and spoonful of lemon juice. Let the poached peaches cool down and then place them in a cold dish. Put the vanilla ice cream on top and pour the raspberry mixture.

13. Peaches are great for baking.

It is indifferent whether you have peaches undone or mature, with or without loaf, good or average – all fit into a variety of cakes, cakes, and bouquets. If you have a large number of peaches, use them for your favorite dessert. Bake a peach pie. Peach pie is the classic that you enjoy most at the end of the summer. Soft, sweet and yet very simple, you need to learn how to bake a body and then fill it with peaches. Bake the American peach cobbler. The peach cobbler is similar to the cake but does not have a crusty crust. Instead, she has a sweet cloth and is very suitable for a hint of vanilla ice cream.

14. Put the peaches into the glasses.

If you have a large number of peaches, try making them a delicious, sweet jam. Mix the same amount of fresh crushed peaches and white sugar, add a little-squeezed lemon juice and a pectin bag. Most of the commercially available pectin has a pocket on the bag at the same time as the exact dosing instructions, depending on the type of fruit you are making jam. Always follow the instructions for the specific product. Try to mix ginger syrup with crushed peaches. You get peach-ginger jam, which is great for grilled meat marinades. Peaches also understand very well with blueberries, plums or cherries.

15. Peaches can even be dried.

Once the peaches begin to overlay, you can dry them and keep them for later. It is best to cut brisket pears and dry them in a tumble dryer or oven, turned on at the lowest possible temperature. It is essential not to hurry and make it cold.

16. Grill peaches and add roasted meat.

Even if it sounds odd, peaches are suitable for many kinds of meat. Just bake them quickly on the grill and then place a few slices on a piece of grilled pork, chicken or beef steak. Cut the peach slices and then lightly dip the balsamic vinegar. Then cook about 3 – 5 minutes on each side. It does not take long.