How To Eat Figs: 14 FASCINATING Ideas


If you’ve ever wondered how to eat figs, this article is for you.

Figs have a sweet taste and a lovely smell. Often the figs are dried, but the fresh ones also have their magic. The most commonly consumed as table fruits themselves, but many other tastes and dishes are suitable for them. Here are some ideas and tips on how to enjoy the figs.

How To Eat Figs:

1. Eat fresh or dried figs.

The fig trees are poorly tolerated by low temperature and transport, so in the colder climatic zones, it is not easy to find fresh fruits, especially outside the summer season. On the other hand, dried figs are available in most supermarkets throughout the year. Figs are healthy in any form. They have only 37 calories per 50 grams, and the same amount contains 1.45 grams of fiber, 116 grams of potassium, 0.06 milligrams of magnesium and 0.06 milligrams of vitamin B6.

2. Choose ripe figs.

The exact size and color of the ripe figs vary according to the variety, but they are all ripe when they are soft. The ripe fig is under the pressure of your finger pliable and strongly sweet smells. Avoid figs that are hard, torn or battered. A few small scratches do not matter; they do not affect the taste of the fetus. Do not buy even figs that are moldy, smelly or odorless. Available figs can be green, brown, yellow or dark purple. Use fresh figs as soon as possible. In the fridge, you can stock them for about 2-3 days after the harvest, but later they start to deteriorate very quickly.

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3. Before eating fresh figs, wash them.

Clean them under frozen running water and gently dry with a clean paper towel.  Because the figs are very soft and brittle, you should never brush them with a vegetable brush. Remove any dirt carefully with your fingers. When washing, remove the stem from the figs. Gently tighten your fingers.

4. Remove all sugar crystals.

It is best if you spray ½ cup of figs with a spoon (5 ml) of water and put it for 1 minute in a microwave. Fresh figs often produce sugar syrup, which can crystallize on the surface.  Taste does not affect it in any way but consistency and appearance may be, so it is better to remove these crystals before serving.

5. Eat the fig in whole.

Figs are sweet on their own, and they taste great just. The fig of the fig is food. Thanks to this, the figs do not need to peel before eating. Just grind the stem and eat the fig both with the skin. If the surface is bothering you, you can, of course, peel it off before you consume the fig tree. When you cut the stem, gently pull your fingers down from the top.
If you only want to enjoy the inside of the figs without peeling, break the fruit half. Gently hold the figure with your hand and cut it halfway across the sharp knife. This will reveal a sweet flesh, the flavor of which instantly excels as soon as the fig is put into your mouth.

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6. Serve figs with distinctive cheeses.

A usual way to serve the figs is to sprinkle fresh fruits with a little cheese or other dairy product. It should be bitter-sweet, but not too sharp. Cross the figs in half and apply for each half a scoop of sour cream. You can use white cream cheese or some flavored. Serve as a meal or as a delicacy. Heat a piece of cheese with blue mold on the fig tree. Unscrew the stems and nest on the fig to make an X-shaped notch. Push in a bit of blue mold cheese and let it for 10 minutes to cook in the oven at 200 ° C. Dairy products with a rich flavor like mascarpone or crème fraiche can also complement the figs.

7. Prepare the poached figs.

You can either do it in the pan on the stove or in a slow pot. Use about 2 cups (500 ml) of water for every eight figs. You can also use strong wine or wine that you previously cooked with spices – such as cinnamon, cloves or anise. Fruit and flavored vinegar, such as balsamic vinegar, are also suitable. Let the figs dry on the stove for about 10 to 15 minutes. In a slow pot, let the figs cook at low power for about 23 hours. Poached figs are often served with yogurt, dairy products or frozen desserts.

8. Boil the fig jam.

Mix 450 g of chopped figs with 250 ml of sugar in the pot. Cook for a moderate heat for 30 minutes until the mixture thickens.

9. Use baking figs.

Figs are fabulously suited for bread, cakes, muffins and other baked goods. Mix the figs with other fruits. For example, chopped figs can be added to peach pie or raspberries with lemon, lemon or orange. It is also suitable for other desserts. Give the figs a significant role.  Prepare a dessert that will make the fig sweet, instead of combining it with other fruits. You can cook fig cookies or bake chopped figs in a creamy or yogurt uncooked cake. Use figs to decorate. Sliced in half or a quarter, figs can be a great addition to cakes and other sweet desserts. It is best suited for those with a rich cream such as cheesecake or nuts such as almonds.

10. Enjoy them alone.

You can eat dried figs as a snack as well as raisins or other dried fruits.  It’s the easiest way to enjoy their sweet taste.

11. Add the dried figs to the juice.

If you want the dried figs to be used in recipes, it may be beneficial for them to return to their juices so they will be fuller and more supple. You can dry the dried figs overnight in water or fruit juice. A more thorough method of rehydrating figs is to leave them for a few minutes in a pan filled with water or juice. Whichever way you use, always use as much fluid to cover the figs.

12. Use them for baking.

Both dried and rehydrated figs can be used in many recipes for pastries and other baked goodies. The figs fit perfectly into bread, cakes, muffins, and biscuits. Just dip the dried figs into the dough before baking. Dried figs can also replace other types of dried fruit. Instead of grated oat flakes with raisins, prepare them with figs. Instead of dried cherries, add dried figs to the muffin dough.

13. Add them to oatmeal or semolina.

Another easy way to use dried figs is merely to sprinkle them with hot breakfast cereals. You give them a slightly sweet taste.

14. Mix the dried figs into cottage cheese or yogurt.

For a light lunch, you can sprinkle some dried figs into a portion of yogurt or soft fresh cheese. These luxurious, acidic dairy products underline the sweet aroma of figs.

If you have or have had severe kidney problems in the past, consult your doctor before taking the tablets. Figs contain oxalates, which is a natural substance that can accumulate in the body and can be dangerous in large numbers. Healthy kidneys usually remove it without difficulty, but the affected may have trouble.