How To Deal With Anger In a Healthy Way? 9 Scientifically Proven Steps to Get Calm


In today’s article, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about how to deal with anger in a healthy way.

Anger. Every one of us certainly knows this unpleasant emotion. It is difficult to avoid because it is very natural. However, if we can not deal with it, it can have a negative impact on our well-being and health and the environment in which we live. So how to tame this popular feeling and save your nerves and health? We suggest ad hoc and long-term ways that will help you cope with anger.

How To Deal With Anger In a Healthy Way

These psychological tips will help you control your anger and silence your emotions. Certainly, they will be useful for temperamental people.

1. Go out into the fresh air and breathe deeply with your eyes closed.

Deep breathing is one of the oldest and the most effective methods of fighting with anger or stress. Thanks to it, we oxygenate the brain, and the blood pressure and tension decrease. What’s more, our mind regains then sober thinking. Therefore, the risk of making a decision that we might regret is lower. At the moment of anger or strong emotions, it is worth to go out into the fresh air, close your eyes and start to breathe deeply. After a moment, there will be a clear relief.

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2. Count slowly up to twenty in your mind, focusing on each number

Another way is counting in your mind. Similarly to deep breathing, counting quietens the mind and emotions. However, it is important to count slowly by focusing on every number that we think about. It really helps! In stressful situations, it is worth to count a minimum of twenty.

3. Confront what frustrates you.

It’s definitely the best way to overcome or get rid of your anger. To adequately deal with different types of emotions, you should first of all face what caused them. Do not be afraid to face the person who upset us or return to a stressful situation. Then we will realize what really caused our anger.

4. Call your emotions

Speaking loudly about your anger and emotions allows you to familiarize yourself with them and unload them. However, the form in which we present our emotions is important. It is worth talking openly and honestly about feelings, also to the person who caused us anger.

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5. Use a gadget that will let you calm down.

For example, here is a small rubber ball or sponge, which should be properly squeezed in nervous situations. Thanks to the intense work, the circulatory system in the body works better and we feel more emotionally stable. If you often experience stressful situations, it is worth having this type of gadget with you.

Methods that will bring effects in the future

For anger and negative energy in us to grow, we must take care of well-being and relaxation. So what is it worth remembering?

6. Physical activity

First of all, a regular physical activity that will help us relieve tension, stress, and anger. If you work full time, find time for a jog or gym at least three times a week. In addition, go for walks, dance and oxygenate the brain. Such activities will certainly improve your mood and help you relax.

7. Regular and efficient sleep

Another issue is a dream. During sleep, our mind and emotions calm down and we relax. Therefore, if during the day we experience stressful situations, we should take care of efficient and above all regular sleep. Consequently, we will not be overtired and irritable, and anger will be easier to control.

8. A healthy diet

Our well-being is also affected by what we eat. The emotional balance is favored by a menu rich in vegetables and fruits, light and original in taste. In turn, avoid eating too many sweets and greasy foods. It has been proven that they worsen well-being, and – as is known – promote overweight, which can negatively affect the perception of self.

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9. Psychotherapy or autotherapy

If the outbursts of anger are frequent and accompanied by a constant sense of grudge against the world and anger, you should think about psychotherapy or use the so-called. self-therapy. Therapy will allow you to develop skills to cope with anger, and also help to overcome internal and external conflicts. Do not be afraid of it, but believe that understanding your emotions will ensure inner peace and mental well-being.

Natural herbs

Nerves and strong emotions help soothe the herbs that are known for their sedative properties. It’s good to drink them regularly if you often experience stressful situations. A good choice will be a lemon balm, ginseng, St. John’s wort or lavender.