Here Is How To Communicate With The Opposite Gender


Today you’re going to learn how to communicate with the opposite gender.

Communication – the biggest problem of today’s world. We live in the 21st century, a world of opportunities and huge opportunities. The 21st century is also a world of annihilation for humanity in terms of communication. The problem of what to talk about and how to talk about appears more and more often. Many relationships are disintegrated by a lack of communication…Today it will be about foreign languages.

How To Communicate With The Opposite Gender

Women’s communication and man’s communication

But contrary to appearances, it will not be English, German, Spanish or even Japanese. We are talking about the language of the opposite sex to ours. I recently had the pleasure of attending psychological lectures and one speaker speaking about bilingualism of the mind started her presentation with such a quote:

“A different language is a different vision of life” – Federico Fellini. That is where the whole issue lies. Women and men have a separate language. Hence all these misunderstandings, conflicts and quarrels. If we are talking about the biggest difference in communication between the two sexes – women are emotions, men are logic.

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This is where the problem arises. Because the sex of beauty is rather about feeling something. I feel good with it, I feel that there is chemistry between us, I feel that it is the right guy for me. The man will say the same thing, but how he will use different words. I see that we spend time well, she is an attractive girl, I like it, I think she would be a good partner.

And as long as you accept it and you are aware that the way we communicate depends to a large extent on our sex, it is good. It’s worse, if you don’t take it into account at all.

Effects of non-acceptance

What happens when you don’t allow yourself to think that men and women communicate differently? You think there is something wrong with another person. And there are slanders, and often also complaints to friends. “How many times can this be explained to her? She still doesn’t understand it. “Why didn’t he guess what I meant?

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She does not understand the logical message, because by nature she reacts more to emotions. He did not guess, because his logical mind accepts mainly the cause-and-effect sequence. And so, we can observe great situations in everyday life. Have you ever wondered how it is that one woman can easily see that the other has a problem? Just look at her. The latter communicates with facial expressions and body language emotions, which the first one can easily notice and then you can hear – “What happened?

She doesn’t ask if something has happened. She already knows that something has happened, she only asks what has happened. In the case of guys this situation happens much less often. Let’s not generalise, it’s not so that women always do one thing and guys do another, completely different thing. But there are some ways of behavior/thinking/perception of the world that are the domain for one or the other sex. And in the same way, to find out if something has happened, the guy usually has to hear it, because his brain is not geared towards “guessing”.

No matter what gender you are, remember this when you talk to a new acquaintance, the first key to successful communication is to understand the other gender, its way of thinking and perceiving the world, and thus a great conversation. As a guy, put some emotion into what you say, work also on facial expressions and body language.
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As a woman, bet on simple and precise messages without wrapping in cotton for 20 minutes.

How to learn to talk to a woman/man?

When we talk about communicating with a foreigner, a great way to communicate with them is to learn the language in which they speak. How simple, right? The same principle applies to gender communication, although it is no longer so obvious here, because a large number of people do not know at all that men and women have different languages.

So how to learn the language of the opposite sex? I will use the example from the beginning of the paragraph – When you want to learn German, usually the best way is simply to go to Germany and live there. A friend of mine recently told me that working in Munich for 8 months, he learned to understand most of what Germans say to him and to speak quite complex sentences. In the case of German, which I am learning myself, in my opinion it is not a small success.

A simple tip to use – If you are a guy, start spending more time with women. Similarly, it works the other way round – as a woman, start spending some time with the guys. And the best thing about it all is that you don’t have to take an active part in discussions and exchange views with them for hours, just surround yourself with their company, listen to them for a longer time.

Think about it (and do it) – Take a break from your studies or work to your friends next door and just listen to what they talk about and how they talk about it. I guarantee you that after some time you will start to see what’s going on and catch the differences in communication if you consciously analyze it.

Of course, you can learn this everywhere. Queue in a shop, bus or train ride or being in the company of mostly women (as a guy). Although with the latter…. Do it in moderation, a friend, Even Rocky Balboa did not fight right away with the world champion 🙂

Communication – Summary

A guy perceives the world through logic, a woman through emotions. This arrangement results from our biological nature. Communication is one of the most important elements of the relationship and it doesn’t matter if we talk about it in a long-term relationship or communication on the first date. The language of the opposite sex can be learned. To begin to understand the language of the opposite sex you have to be in this company. If you are a man, listen to women’s conversations, if you are a woman, see how men communicate.