10 Simple Steps How To Change Your Life In 30 Days


If you want to know how to change your life in 30 days, you’ll love this article.

It may sound unreal, but even the smallest changes can affect the rest of our lives. It is only necessary to start something. Remember that frequent and large changes can sometimes be frightening, so it is worth implementing the smallest ones. Start controlling your life, your needs, requirements and, above all, your budget by following the instructions below.

How to change your life around in 30 days?

1. Bottle of water.

The norm is to eat 8-10 glasses of water a day, more if you play sports. Get a big bottle of water and keep it with you all day, quenching your thirst whenever you need it. Avoid buying small bottles, thanks to which you will save money and help our planet. You can also refill the bottle with tap water. However, if the water in your area is not drinking, get a filter.

2. Slow down the pace!

Most of us always seem to be in a hurry. And unfortunately, family plans, meetings and work contribute to this. We do not realize sometimes how simple stress factors can accelerate our aging. This can be avoided by introducing a bit of relaxation. If you often stand in traffic jams, put a meditation recording in your car, and learn to refuse the bad emotions that guide people in such moments.

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3. Free yourself from cyberspace.

In today’s technologically advanced world, it’s easy to get into hours of cyberspace outside of working hours for hours. Start enjoying the world around you: the view, sounds and most importantly the people you love. If even for just a few hours, turn off the sound on your phone and stop checking your e-mail permanently.

4. Do not use a credit card.

Enter for yourself the principle of buying payment in the store only with cash. And hold her tightly. If necessary, block the card and if you remember the numbers you can cancel it later. If you start spending less, open a savings account. It is never too late to start new financial paths. Although small steps seem impossible at first, if you stick to the plan slowly and probably you will take your life out of all debts.

5. 30 minutes a day to cuddle.

Women feel the need to constantly cuddle. Whether with your child or pet, 30 minutes of cuddling can have an amazing effect on both your physical and emotional state. Hugging and even a short massage releases a mood hormone called oxytocin, which reduces stress and anxiety, increases self-esteem and improves general well-being. Attachment is extremely important, so use your time wisely.

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6. Plan exercises .

Activity is very important. This is no news, however, most women still can not find time to do exercises. Start a new plan, or strengthen the one you are currently doing, especially if you have not noticed any difference for several months. You can change the half-hour you spend checking your phone or email in your exercise time. If you do not want to do ordinary exercise, sign up for yoga.

7. Read labels on food.

Some people adhere to the principle: if you can not read the ingredient of a given product, then do not buy it, and certainly do not eat it. Even if you can pronounce them, pay special attention to the content of sodium or corn syrup contained in “non-fat” products. Remember that eating is more than just fat and calories and there is a risk that other ingredients are equally harmful. Stay away from such products and buy mainly organic fruits and vegetables that also have labels.

8. Sun protection.

Get some sunblock creams. Use them even in winter, where even though the day is much shorter, the sun’s rays are still harmful. Apply the cream on every exposed part of the skin, although it is a good habit to use it on the whole body every day. If you start protecting your skin now, your skin cancer will be less likely in the future.

9. Put on something you have long in the closet, but still has a tag.

Many women have clothes with tags in their wardrobes or those they have not worn in the last four seasons. Clothes can often have an amazing impact on our confidence. Remember that internal health it manifests itself in external beauty. So put on high heels from two years ago and a jacket you do not want to get rid of. Put on clothes left for a “special occasion”. If they do not work, get rid of them by giving away to a friend or charity organization.

10. Make your dreams come true.

If you have some unrealized dreams, you feel reluctant to think about going to work every day. Think about whether your interpersonal relationships have taken the right form, or maybe there are people around you that arouse your anxiety. Make a list of things about work, activities or holidays that you would like to implement. Organize it and start planning what to do to make your dreams come true. Get away from people who have a negative impact on you. Remember to start with minor changes, instill new habits. Then go on to achieve bigger goals.