How to Care for Bath Towels? What Are The Best Ways?


This article has everything you need to know about how to care for bath towels.

A clean and soft towel will help you get out of the bath even on a winter day. However, our towels do not always look like they have just been bought. It happens that they become rough and even scratchy. The causes can be different, including improper washing. We advise you on what to do to make our towels stay nice and soft for our skin for a long time.

How to Care for Bath Towels?

How do you wash towels?

Our towels often lose their softness through improper washing. How do you wash them so that they are soft and delicate for our skin? Heavy materials, such as those for which towels are made, need thorough washing and rinsing. Therefore, remember not to overload the drum of the washing machine. If there are too many things in the washing machine, the laundry detergents are not rinsed well. As a result, the fabrics can stiffen.

Washing temperature

The washing temperature also has a significant effect on how our towels look after washing. First of all, we should wash them at the temperature recommended by the manufacturer on the label. Choose the highest temperature that appears on the label, but never higher, because such laundry may have a bad effect on the fiber of the towel.

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How do you wash towels?

For the washing of towels it is better to use gels and liquids than powders. Unfortunately, the latter are much worse off. As a result, the towel can become more rough and less absorb moisture from the skin. Remember that you should also not use detergents in excess, because they can cause the roughness of the towels. Do not forget about choosing the appropriate detergents for the color of the towels. Do not add softeners for washing towels, as they negatively affect their hygroscopicity. Similarly with bleaches that weaken the fibers, making the towels more susceptible to damage. To improve the softness of towels, which are often washed, add a glass of white vinegar to wash. This trick will also help you get rid of the unpleasant smell of moisture from the towels.

Drying towels

Also, the drying method can affect the softness of the towels. It’s best to use a tumble dryer, which helps to fluff and separate the towel fibers, which keeps them fluffy for a long time. When we hang the drying towels, the wet fibers stick together and the towels can be stiff and rough. If we want to prevent this, shake the towel before hanging. Thanks to this, the loops will rise and the towel will be softer. We recommend doing the same when the towels are dry.

The problem may be hard water.

It’s good to know that also hard water can cause towel roughness. If we soften it, the problem will partly resolve.

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How often do you wash towels?

There is also the question of the frequency of washing towels. It depends on how often you use the towel and what conditions prevail in the bathroom. If the room is not well ventilated and often there is a couple (for bathrooms regularly used in everyday life), towels should be washed every two or three days. Remember that places where moisture prevails create perfect conditions for the development of bacteria and microorganisms. More often, we should wash the towels that we use during illness and those for the hands. We can transfer dangerous bacteria and germs to the skin through the towel.

Good to know

It is worth knowing that even high-quality towels can be stiff after washing. However, do not worry about it too much, they should regain their softness during use. Remember that the quality of towels has the greatest impact on how long they will serve us. The most durable and the most resistant to all sorts of detergents will be those made of high quality cotton. This does not mean that we should not buy towels made of other materials. It is worth remembering, however, to take care of them properly.