9 Tips How To Become Happy Again In 30 Minutes


If you’ve ever wondered how to become happy again, this article is for you.

Maybe you’re down because of the financial crisis. Maybe you feel overwhelmed by the amount of work. Maybe you are not working out with the amount of responsibilities that you must meet before going on vacation. Or maybe you just have a bad day. If so, you can be happy – even right away. For the next 30 minutes, try to do as many tasks as possible from the list below as much as possible. Each position will take you to the next floor to happiness.

How To Become Happy Again?

1. Increase the amount of energy

Get up in the morning, jump into a cold shower or go outside and marry at a rapid pace for 10 minutes. Research shows that the activity, associated with it faster metabolism and sunlight have a fantastic impact on our mood and intellectual abilities. You’ll be brisk and smart. Additionally, if you are full of energy, you will probably infect others with it (so-called emotional infections).

2. Think about positive things

Reserve yourself 10 minutes thinking about things you have recently done and what you have done. Also think about other people who have helped you achieve your goals. In the constant rush of life, it is easy to forget what is good – we focus only on failures and negative things, instead of what is really important.

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3. Get to your friends

Make an appointment for dinner or send emails to friends you have not seen for a long time. Maintaining a warm and close relationship with other people is the key to happiness.

4. Take action that reflects your values.

Are you worried about climate change? Instead of buying a few bottles of water for the day, fill the bottles with tap water (if the tap is drinking water). Do you think that giving blood is glorious? Go to the nearest blood donor center in your town.

5. Get rid of nagging tasks

Answer difficult e-mails, do the job you have been asked to do and that you do not feel like doing, call and make arrangements for the dentist. The counseling of the things with which we delay, will cause a feeling of relief and will release from us hidden energy.

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6. Take care of your surroundings

Clean up the desk, throw away the rubbish, answer the emails. A large pile of small tasks can be a bit overwhelming, but often we need 5 minutes to deal with everything. Try not to postpone tasks that last a minute or less – and always wipe your bed in the morning.

7. Reward yourself

Always do something for yourself after you finish some task. The thought of your later pleasure will help you meet even the most difficult tasks. Order yourself a book that you want to read very much (not the one you think you should read), plan a getaway for a tent, a football match, a beautician, etc. Research shows that having fun is a pillar of happiness. Try to involve your friends and family. You will be more happy with a bike trip with friends than with a lonely trip.

8. Do a good deed

Meet two people who could help each other, make friends on a blind date, give someone the information they are looking for or shoot someone with a great compliment. Good deeds and being nice really improve your mood. Often it seems to us that we do good deeds because we are good, but it is the other way around – we are good and we feel like this only when we do a good deed.

9. Pretend happy

Smile at this moment. Research shows that even a false smile has a positive effect on our emotions. Besides, when you smile, other people will judge you as more kind and open.

Some people think that being happy is selfish. On the contrary. Research shows that happy people are more productive, sociable, friendly, healthy and more willing to help other people. That is why working on your happiness is also working on the good of the whole.