How To Become a Dog Groomer In 6 Easy Steps?


This new article will show you everything you need to know about how to become a dog groomer.

Groomer is a dream job for dog lovers. In free translation it is a dog hairdresser, takes care of our pet’s clothing, can cut it according to the requirements of the breed, also deals with general care, the dog so that he is as beautiful as possible. Unfortunately, the path to reach the rank of a dog stylist is not very easy.

How To Become a Dog Groomer?

1. In order to become a groomer, we must like animals, only in this way will we be able to control them and do our job well.

Remember that every dog ​​has its own character and rarely stands on the table and allows all treatments. We must reckon with the fact that we may be hit by “aggressive”, overly timid, very neglected or hyperactive clients. Only true love for animals will allow us to keep patience and cold blood in such a situation.

2. In most of countries, fashion for beauty salons for dogs is just developing, which is why there are not many outlets offering education in the field of groomer’s work.

However, there is a school that runs specialized classes. In addition, we can go to courses organized by dog ​​beauty salons.

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3. Groomer should acquire knowledge in the field of dog care, not only cutting his coat, but also taking care of the condition of the teeth, the condition of the hair, care for ears, claws, etc.

4. He should also know how to approach an animal, that’s why dog ​​psychology classes are so important.

A good employee must be able to reassure the dog, minimize his stress associated with the visit, and be able to protect himself against possible attacks of aggression and know how to proceed in such a situation.

5. An important skill is also dealing with the owner, who is often more terrified by the visit than the dog itself, which also negatively affects the animal itself.

In extreme cases, you should even ask the client and suggest to wait outside.

6. After completing the course, we can apply for employment in one of the existing hairdressing salons.

We will be able to improve our skills and qualifications there as well as to view more experienced colleagues.

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7. If this option does not suit us, we can open our own salon.

It is a very young business, so it is worth trying to get funding to open your own business. Such an interesting idea plus a well-written business plan should guarantee us success.

8. Before embarking on a groomer’s course, it’s worth taking allergy tests because allergy to fur and dust disqualifies us in this profession.