5 Amazing Tips And Tricks On How To Be Motivated To Eat Healthy


Today I want to talk about how to be motivated to eat healthy.

So I just want to share with you my tips and tricks when it comes to that topic. But before I jump into the article I just wanted to say as a quick disclaimer that I truly believe that when it comes to eating healthy that’s a topic which is different for everyone. I think there are certain rules which kind of apply for all of us. For example that McDonald’s shouldn’t be our favorite restaurant or that we should stay away from processed foods as much as we can and that we should like implement more whole foods into our diet. But other than that I truly believe you should just listen to your body and eat more of the foods which make you feel good, which make you feel full of energy and eat less of the foods which make you feel bad and take away energy from you.

So with that being said I would say if you’re interested in my tips and tricks when it comes to how to be motivated to eat healthy let’s jump right in.

How to be motivated to eat healthy?

1. See your body as your best friend

The first tip I have for you might sound a little stupid but I think it’s an extremely important one and it personally helped me a lot. What I mean by that is usually we think about our bodies as just something which belongs to us. It works like no matter what you do it. I mean it’s here, it works for you and it’s fine, right. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it feels good but it’s just here. So this is what I want you to change. I want you to look differently at your body to see it as stupid as this sounds as a different entity. Think about it. If your best friend comes to you and tells you about a problem, you don’t just start making more her go away, right? Usually you listen to the problem and you try to find a solution and especially we try to avoid this problem for the future.

Also you would never do something which makes your best friends feel bad or sad right? This is how I want you to think and feel about your own body. If you consume a meal and after that your stomach hurts, that’s your body complaining, that’s your body telling you about the problem. That’s your body saying „I don’t need this anymore”, „I don’t feel good really”. Just don’t do this in the future anymore.

Even though our body tells us this usually we consume it in the future again and we just ignore the symptoms. We just like take a pill and make the symptoms go away. But I think it’s extremely important to really listen to our bodies and appreciate them and treat them in a different way than we usually do. If you know that eating a full bag of chips will make you feel bloated or it will make your stomach feel bad, think about this before you consume the chips. Think about what your body does every single day for you. And I’m sorry I talk about this all the time on my article but I think it’s so important to see this your body works for you every single day without being asked, without thank you. Appreciate your body a little more, think about it before you eat those chips. My second tip is to:

2. Think about all the good things healthy eating brings into your life

take a moment and really actively think about all the good things healthy eating brings into your life. Then just really bring all those reasons up when you create bad food. For me that is for example that I know that if I eat healthy my skin looks more clear and more glowing and I just feel more comfortable in my own skin. I also know I feel more energetic throughout the day, I feel more productive throughout the day, I feel less tired and I also feel happier. For you that might be that you say lean when you eat healthy or it helps you with weight loss. Whatever it is but just like bring it up in your mind. I think something really helpful with that. I always say that is to write it down, because those reasons just stick with you much better if you write them down.

The moment you create bad food just bring all those reasons up or go to that paper, where you wrote the reasons down and read through them. Because if you really tell your brain that if you eat this food right now the food you crave, you’ll feel tired throughout the afternoon, you will feel lazy or, you will have to deal with pimples in two or three days, because this cheeseburger you want to eat needs to go out of your skin again. Or you will gain weight from that. Whatever it is but just bringing up. Believe me – it will help you bring so much to not create this food anymore. My third tip is to:

3. Not buy the bad foods and never go grocery shopping with an empty belly.

Because if you’re going for groceries once your belly is full and you feel good, you crave those bad foods much less. You will buy less of them and whatever you don’t buy whatever you don’t have at home you cannot eat while you are at home. I don’t know about you but for me usually I create bad foods ones I’m sitting on the sofa I’m watching a movie and I just want to snack on something. If it’s not at home I am also to lace the coat of the store to get it.

I won’t eat it and I think that’s such an amazing little like mental trick which just helps you to eat a less bad food and to eat all over more healthy. My next tip goes hand-in-hand with my last one and it is to:

4. Make sure that you have healthy snacks around at all times.

I am a huge snack person and I know if I don’t have healthy options around I will go for the bad ones. I really need to make sure to have healthy snacks around, I love to
eat cashew nuts with cranberries in the afternoon. I think it’s such a simple snack it’s so delicious and it’s so healthy.

You could have almond butter around and then just like cut some fruit in pieces and eat those fruit with the almond butter or peanut butter. Whatever you love. Just make sure that you have like little snacks around which you can go for. You don’t go for the bad things. And last but not least:

5. Don’t be too hard on yourself

I truly believe that eating healthy should something we enjoy and something which makes us feel good and not a torture. If you are having a craving and you’re going for the bad food don’t beat yourself up over it. Just like enjoy it in this moment, because otherwise you just have like double the bad outcome you are going for the bad food and you beat yourself up over it which is also not good for your body.

If you want to have your doughnut once a month eat it and enjoy it and don’t beat yourself up over it. I think your main goal should be to eat more healthy foods and less bad foods and you will get better with this along the way.

Eating healthy is really a journey in my eyes and nobody’s perfect we all have our cravings and we all sometimes go for foods which are less good for us than others. Those were my five tips and tricks when it comes to how to stay motivated to eat healthy. I hope you enjoyed this article and it was helpful to you and maybe you found some