Discover How To Be More Confident In Social Situations


Today we discover how to be more confident in social situations. Now let’s begin.

How To Be More Confident In Social Situations

1. Stand tall and sit upright

People who are naturally more confident have a tendency to keep their backs straighter and push their chest out more when sitting and standing. This body position exudes power and authority making others more likely to trust and follow what these individuals say.

However if you are looking to improve your confidence a technique based on this body position can be extremely effective and it is very simple to implement. All you have to do is push your chest out slightly without making it over-the-top and concurrently straighten your back.

Although this is good posture it’s not necessary to do all the time. Instead focus on implementing this technique in critical social situations standing tall can also increase testosterone in your body which helps to boost confidence and will make you seem more successful to those around you.

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2. Think about a time when you did something awesome.

Everyone has had ups and downs in their lives but too often people focus on the downs and let these negative thoughts guide their actions. This leads to a lot of insecure and fearful people who don’t take a stand for themselves.

An excellent way to booster your confidence is to strongly focused on a specific time that you did something incredible. Imagine it in your mind in as much detail as you can. It’s important to try to make this experience as realistic as possible.

For example let’s say that you are an excellent basketball player but you have been having problems with your confidence plain recently. Try to imagine your highest-scoring game or a specific basket that made you feel awesome. Doing this can help to transfer these past emotions to the present and give you a great boost in self-assurance.

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3. Smile

Smiling is one of the most underrated tools in the social toolbox. Besides making you more attractive and even increasing your happiness smiling also makes you significantly more confident. The reasoning behind this is pretty simple. When you smile other people tend to be much more open to interacting with you. You seem kinder and easier to talk to.

However your social interactions won’t just improve quantitatively. They will get better qualitatively as well. Smiling is a very contagious movement and so it’s quite likely that your conversations and exchanges with others will become smoother and more entertaining. But how does all of this help your confidence?

It turns out that human confidence is strongly associated with how someone views their social interactions. If someone doesn’t think they’re very good at being social or believes that they are not a particularly popular individual confidence will drop significantly. But when someone thinks of themselves positively just the opposite occurs.

4. Keep your chin high

Besides smiling keeping your chin relatively high in social situations may be one of the most important body language tools available for increasing your confidence. High chins indicate power and control. Two qualities that rub off on others demanding more respect and that everyone pay more attention to your presence

Additionally keeping your chin high accentuates your jawline. Strong jawlines are not just considered very attractive in today’s world but they are also considered a sign of leadership. Thus if you display that jawline as I have described people will unconsciously find you to be a stronger more commanding an even more attractive individual.

Just think about Superman and Batman. In the comic books they were always drawn to have high chins and strong facial features precisely because the artists and producers knew that such qualities would align with the other hero like features of these characters.

So the next time you need to be instantly more confident you know exactly how to do it. (y)