Here’s How To Be Liked At Work: 7 [Awesome] Secrets


If you’re looking for some strategies on how to be liked at work, then you’ll love this article.

Each of us wants to be liked and be the best received by the surroundings. It introduces a good atmosphere at work, at school and inhome . The person liked is certainly happy, he has many friends who will reach out to her. However, being liked by others, it is not so easy. Below you will find some tips to help you establish good contacts with people around you.

How To Be Liked At Work:

1. Try to memorize the people you meet.

Ask others by name, remember their names if possible. Addressing others impersonally makes them feel treated as objects, and you do not show interest in them yourself. Turn to others just as you would expect from them. Of course, in business relations, you should not address anyone by name. Also, do not do this if someone does not agree.

2. Be always calm and relaxed.

Do not be irritated quickly and do not be nervous, do not be provoked. Your mood will definitely affect others. They will feel comfortable with you and your presence will not cause stress.

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3. Try not to provoke any conflicts.

Any misunderstandings try to calm down. Do not be unforgiving, do not hide your resentment towards others. Learn to forgive, in the end everyone has the right to make mistakes. How to have a personality that everyone likes? See next tip.

4. Smile often.

Always have a good word for everyone. Remember about simple everyday gestures. “Good morning”, “sorry” or other courtesy phrases will make people look at you with sympathy and always have a good opinion about you. Remember that if you are nice to someone, that someone will probably be nice to you as well. What we do is good, it usually returns to us with interest.

5. If a person in your environment has a birthday, name day or celebrates any other occasions – make her wishes.

Somebody has been successful, he has found a good job or will achieve his intended goal – do not forget to congratulate him. Remember to express sympathy for others when they are worried or disappointed. Make a wish even when a crowd of people is gathered next to a solemoiselle. Do not think that your gesture will go unnoticed or missed. We are always happy if others remember about important days for us. Keep a special calendar in which you will mark the birthday of your friends. On the day of birth, make a wish and give a small gift – it can be even one chocolate. An ordinary gesture will make someone feel good and you will have another plus with him!

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6. Try to be interesting, have your passion and develop it.

It will make people want to meet and stay with you, and from your knowledge they will always get something valuable and interesting. Have a broad knowledge of everything, so that you can always offer advice and help.

7. Fight your defects.

Do everything to get rid of unpleasant character traits that others can not accept. Never be selfish or smart. Always try to be yourself. If you do not know your disadvantages then ask your parents, siblings or your best friend about them.