4 Truly Ways On How To Avoid Diabetes Type 2 You Shuld Know


Today I’m gonna show you how to avoid diabetes type 2 in the future, if it runs in your family and if you’re at risk.

Do members of your family suffer from diabetes? Do you struggle to keep normal blood sugar levels? If so, then these problems concern you as well, because there are big chances that you’ll have diabetes too. It’s a potentially dangerous situation, but you’re not powerless.

How to avoid diabetes type 2? Here are 4 ways:

1. Family history of diabetes type 2 and risk.

You may wonder what does your family have to do with it, but you must know that type 2 diabetes is often triggered by genes. It’s simple. If any of your relatives suffers from diabetes, you’re at bigger risk of having it. That’s why you should find out all the information about diabetes history in your family.

Ask how did your ancestors deal with it and how did it start. Check whether the reason they got sick was their bad diet, unhealthy lifestyle or unfavorable environment? Maybe it’s genetics and diabetes simply runs in your family? It’s really important to get all these information in order to make necessary changes in your life. What changes? I’ll explain it to you right away.

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2. Changes in eating habits for diabetics

Remember, that type 2 diabetes is linked with obesity. How can you make a use of it? If members of your family suffering from this disease were obese, you should do anything you can to keep your weight at a healthy level. Here’s my suggestion. Take some time to analyze your diet. If you want to avoid diabetes, cut down on sugar in both its natural and processed form. You can even contact a professional dietitian, who will precisely determinate your needs.

3. Diabetes and exercise

Create a workout schedule, that will help you stay in shape. Set realistic goals, don’t start from vigorous training couple of times a week, especially if you haven’t done it before. If you overdo it on the beginning, you’ll loose motivation or even get injured. Check it. If sports and physical activity are new to you, start from minor exercises.

Do some house chores, such as cleaning, arranging your closet, throwing away unneeded things from a cellar or loft, wash your windows, vacuum the rooms or maybe even give your house a makeover. Then move on to some more challenging activities such as walking, jogging, dancing or practicing yoga. Finally, when you feel ready, you can go to a gym or start CrossFit.

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4. Pre-diabetes blood sugar levels

In order to find out what your blood sugar level is, you should get tested regularly. If your fasting glucose levels are 100-125 mg/dl, it means something is wrong. When your glucose levels two hours after eating are 140-200 mg/dl, it’s a sign of an impaired glucose tolerance. Why does it matter? These results show that you are in a pre-diabetes state.

That’s not all. There are chances that you will get it in the future. Being aware of that, get tested on a regular basis to find out what to do and how your body reacts to changes. To sum up – if you’ve ever wondered how to avoid diabetes, in this article you’ll find everything you need. Sometimes all you need are some changes in your diet, losing weight, physical activity and regular tests in order to prevent diabetes in the future.