How To Accept Life The Way It Is And Accept Everything That Happens


If you want to know, how to accept life the way it is, you’ll love this article.

We have various undesirable situations in our lives, and we face various problems. Our attitude to them is usually negative. We will get angry and we are unhappy. We also try to fight problems or give up. Such reactions are understandable, but will this attitude change anything? No. If we want to change something, it is worth considering a different solution.

And what is it? Accepting what has happened can help. It may sound strange, and you are wondering what absurdity is. If such a thought appears in your head, it is quite normal. Many people are not satisfied when they experience unpleasant situations or problems. They are far from accepting something they would like to get rid of from their life and experience. It can be said that there is a defensive attitude towards something that attacks people – for example aggressors are problems. However, you can change the attitude and perception of what is the most enjoyable – and thus sleep and live calmer.

How To Accept Life The Way It Is

Acceptance and surrender

Since I mentioned earlier about acceptance, it would be appropriate to explain what I mean by that. Every unwanted situation and every serious problem give us negative feelings and thoughts. And we do not want to experience them. For obvious reasons, they are not welcome. If we had a choice, we would choose their positive option. It also happens that we try to push them away, run away from them or forget about them by, for example, drinking alcohol, or reaching for other drugs. Fortunately, however, these are not the only options available to “deal with them”.

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While negative emotions and thoughts naturally arise when experiencing unpleasant situations and problems, our attitude towards what has happened can already be changed in our favor. With the help of acceptance can come, which gives man the power to change not only his own perception of a given situation or problem, but also to a change of fate.

Above all, it would be worth considering that accepting what happened does not mean surrendering to it. There is a diametric difference between acceptance and surrender. Acceptance is nothing other than “accepting the chest” of what happened. It is taking responsibility and thinking about how to deal with a given situation or problem. Acceptance does not mean that you should love with an uncomfortable situation or problem – or jump for joy about it. The mood may not change and it is neither required nor needed. On the other hand, the acceptance itself brings the possibility of making other choices and changes, when we are not happy after all.

It is worth realizing that if something has happened, it is a fait accompli. This has already happened and nobody will change anything. So you can either bake for this reason and try to fight it, or accept it and think about what can be done to change the fate for the better. Personally, I would choose the second solution. Why? Fight and struggle do not change anything. They will only strengthen more frustration, regret and exhausting people nervously.

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What has happened will not change, trying to fight it, because it is a fait accompli – which I have already mentioned. It’s like the proverbial battle with windmills. Acceptance is in turn accepting experience and saying to yourself:Well, it has happened, I will not change that anymore. I can take a look at this situation or the problem and find the right solution because I have the opportunity to take responsibility.

And what brings surrender? Nothing. Surrender is giving yourself over to the negative event and problem. It’s cutting off the possibility of making any changes. Surrendering contains a simple message: Nothing can be done. I can not do anything. That’s how it must be, because it’s my fate and apparently I will suffer. It is also a simple way to depression. This is what a man who chooses surrender treats himself. Therefore, my suggestion is not to use this variant. The reason is obvious. Acceptance means having power over a problem and being able to solve it. Surrender is the power of the problem over man.

You better leave it

Of course, accepting what happened instead of surrendering. It’s best to explain this situation. There is a man who lost a large sum of money as a result of unfavorable investments. His erroneous decisions made while investing also failed. So he has two options:

1. Accept the existing state of things, get a grip, educate in investing, recover money, make smarter decisions and invest them where there will be profits. Of course, the risk still exists, because different situations can happen, but due to greater experience and knowledge it decreases many times. Such a man is also “on the run” because he is tearing himself into action, he is active and wants to change something. Despite his failure, he did not give up. He accepted what had happened, drew the appropriate conclusions, took responsibility and continued working. He would not let his story end this way.

2. Give up, do nothing, and start drinking, for example, not seeing the way out of the situation. Spread your hands and say: Yes, it must be so .

What does the first solution testify? It testifies about the character of man. And the second? For its lack. The difference between acceptance and surrender can now be seen.

The accepting person will come out much better from the oppression than the one who surrenders. The power to make changes is given to everyone. It only depends on a man whether he will use this power. It is known that it is not always easy for a man to get back on his feet when he is in great trouble. Nevertheless, I dare say that the man who deals with the biggest problems is also the one who can achieve the most spectacular successes. Accept a serious problem, take responsibility and find a solution that is certainly the courage of a brave man; someone who has not yielded to failure.

I encourage you to take responsibility and accept what happened. Acceptance also brings with it something significant – more peace. Perhaps the mood will not change from negative to positive, although something else will change. Attitude and approach. The following will be intensified: creativity, motivation and energy for action. The one who fights and struggles with the problem or gives up will not get it. Such a man will not have peace.

Spend sleepless nights, blaming yourself and others and your problems while sinking sorrows with alcohol. Peace will be given to who accepts. What path you choose depends only on you. I am guessing that you will choose a creative path and deal with every situation and every problem perfectly. And let it happen!