How To Start a Conversation With Your Crush On WhatsApp [14 Hot Tips]


If you want to know how to start a conversation with your crush on WhatsApp, you’ll love this article.

Technology always has ways to make the world a much more comfortable place to live. The invention of mobile phones has taken up the communication field especially texting. Who doesn’t love chatting on WhatsApp? Cell phones came to help a great deal because you can always carry them around so you will not miss out on any messages. Look at a situation where you have a crush on someone. You don’t have to send a letter to them to get your message. Thanks to WhatsApp, you need their number and boom. The journey begins. Now, commencing a conversation with your crush isn’t a hard nut to crack if you are the brave type of person. The battle is not that easy, but if you are geared up, you will enjoy every bit of it. You need to be careful with what you text because you do not want them to have the wrong impression of you before you make a friendship. If you are still brainstorming on how to start a conversation on WhatsApp, you can chill now. There are only a couple of dos and don’ts that you have to keep at your fingertips, and before you even realize, your crush will be intrigued and may fall for you harder than you crushed on them. Awesome, right?

How To Start a Conversation With Your Crush On WhatsApp?

1. Be creative

Don’t be that flat person who cannot get inventive for their crush. Being unique while texting that person will make your blood flow a little faster.

2. Your ‘hi’ should demand a lengthy response

Most people tend to use the casual ‘Hi’ which only requires a one-word response. However, adding a question mark or emoji to your ‘hi’ will make it look more appealing, and the reply will not be a single word.

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3. Your questions should be open-ended

Questions that need a simple YES or NO answer will leave you more than disappointed. Ensure that you ask those that need some sentences to make sense. In this process, another topic might pop up, and your conversation will likely last longer.

4. Be cool

If you are flirting, do it smartly. Use the emoticons because they are a better choice other than words. Nevertheless, overusing them will annoy your crush. Just ensure that you don’t appear like you are only after getting physical with them.

5. Make them laugh

They say that if you make a person smile while chatting via phone, you are unique to them. Your crush is no different. Why are memes there? There are thousands of them, so pick the funny ones and send to your crush. You will be surprised at how happy they will be at the end of it. After all, funny people are amazing to chat with.

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6. Compliment your crush

Compliments make one feel appreciated. Tell them they look good or say something about their personality. Compliments are a positive vibe that never flops.

7. Be patient

It feels pathetic when you send your crush a text, and they take forever to reply, and you know they have their phone at hand. Unfortunately, you have to deal with it. Don’t keep texting them asking why they aren’t responding to you. This is a great turn off, and that could be the end of your conversation.

8. Use their name

Names are special. Calling your crush by their name via text increases intimacy. If you use this trick, you will get a reply faster than you thought. They will want to know why you are calling their name after all.

9. Ask personal questions

This doesn’t mean you go overboard anyway. As much as you expect to get closer to them, they might end up thinking you are too much. Keep the questions friendly and ask them in a fun way.

10. Send voice messages

Voice messages are rarely used on WhatsApp. When you use them, you break the monotony of texting, and it might turn out to be even more fun. Hearing your crush’s voice could never feel any better.

11. Tease them

You have to be a little more careful here. Some people don’t understand humor. Make sure that your crush knows when you are teasing them to avoid getting them angry. You want them happy, don’t you?

12. Feel free to text them first

After all, you are the interested party. If you wait for them to text first, you might get you grey hair still on the wait. Take it upon you to their phone first, and the jackpot might be yours this time around.

13. Compare them to a celebrity

Famous people always have something good one can say about them. Tell your crush he/she looks like so and so. If they like it, you are almost winning their heart.

14. Share your hobbies

The best thing about knowing what you love doing is that you might have common ones. This is a chance for you to ask them out for a movie if it’s among their hobbies. Isn’t this a step ahead?


You can see that conversation with crush on WhatsApp is not as tricky as it appears. The tactics above will get you to your special person and who knows, he/ she might be your happy ever after.