What Are Some Signs And Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar (Hyperglycemia)?


This article contains everything you need to know about signs and symptoms of high blood sugar.

Aren’t you looking for such information for the very reason you lack energy, feel tired and can’t fight the cravings for sweets? You’re probably already suspecting that it may be about hyperglycemia, which leads to diabetes.

What causes high blood sugar levels?

WHO research clearly shows, that people all over the world, besides some societies, eat on average twice as much sugar as they should. Easily accessible sweets and growth of products filled with sugar make it so much more difficult to avoid, especially that it’s hidden even in foods deemed healthy. You can wonder, then, how to find out whether you consume too much sugar. Usually it’s your body that will give you the answer. Soon you’ll see how.

What Are Some Signs And Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar?

1. Diabetes fatigue and ‘why I am so tired?’

You’re drowsy, lacking energy and constantly tired? That’s one of the most obvious signs of too much sugar in your body. If there are high levels of sugar in your blood, you body can’t transform it into glucose, substance that’s supposed to give you energy. That’s why you’re even weaker after eating something sweet.

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2. Sweets cravings

If you constantly yearn for sweets, you’d better watch out, as it can be a sing of sugar addiction. The more products abounding in sugar you eat, the more of it your body will need in the future. The reason why you crave for sugar isn’t because you don’t deliver yourself enough of it, but because you’ve been eating too much. If you suspect this problem concerns you, try to reduce eating products with sugar as much as you can.

3. ‘Why am I gaining weight so fast?’

In order to work properly, your body has to burn the sugar at first. If there’s too much of it though, it has to store it as fat. Another reason why you’re gaining weight so fast is because your body stops producing leptin, hormone responsible for sending signals about being full. Eating lots of sweets can slow down your metabolism and consequently, lead to obesity. Avoid diet rich in sugar, because otherwise you may gain weight really fast and end up with health problems.

4. Diabetic’s skin rash

It’s a common knowledge that sugar affect our skin in a bad way. First, sugar excreted alongside sweat is a great culture for fungi. Secondly, skin loses its elasticity and at third, sugar causes acne, which may be really uncomfortable. If your immunity is worsen due to developing obesity, it will be hard for you to fight these symptoms. I think that you will agree with me when I say that this reason is enough to start controlling your sugar intake.

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5. Reduced immunity

Research shows that too much sugar in blood may decrease our immunity by even up to 50%, which results in being more prone to any type of infections or viruses, and – consequently – getting sick more frequently.

In order to see it happen to you, it takes no more than 100g of carbohydrates such as glucose, sucrose or fructose from pasteurized juice or honey to suppress leukocytes’ abilities to absorb and destroy harmful microorganisms. High blood sugar levels = lowered immunity.


If you care about your health at all, you should reduce consumption of products rich in sugar. It’s surely important for proper work of your body, but only when it’s consumed in reasonable amounts. Otherwise, it can lead to obesity and even to diabetes, that you will have to deal with for the rest of your life.