5 French Kissing Tips: How To Kiss Well With Tongue


If you want to know how to kiss well with tongue, you’ll love this article.

Certainly, each of us once wondered what the first kiss would look like. If you want to fall out well, read the following tips. You will learn how to kiss them.

How To Kiss Well With Tongue?

1. What you should know before the first kiss comes:

Break the ice by greeting your sympathy with a kiss on the cheek. If the time of the “real” kiss is approaching, then you will both be more relaxed. Touch your other half throughout the evening. Do not do it too long and enjoy the charm of the moment. Make the right decisions, use your intuition, she will tell you what to do. Wait for the right moment. Pay attention to the language body . See if your partner is approaching you?

2. Kissing step by step:

Tilt your head and close your eyes (this will increase the intensity of the sensations during the kiss). Kiss her lips gently and gently open hers. Savor the smell. Gently move the whole body towards your partner, if he / she responds, press your chest to the partner’s chest, then close the waist and at the end of the hip. Feel the rhythm of your partner and try to fit in.

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3. Tongue:

Gently slide the tongue between your partner’s lips and examine the inside of the mouth. Start gently moving it with timemovements they should become more intense, pay special attention to the rhythm and movements of the partner. Visit each other’s lips (for a change). Have fun with your language.

4. Kissing – orders and prohibitions:

Do not lie – the amount of moisture in the mouth should remain the same as in the normal state. Pay attention to the lips – let them be relaxed, they should be loose, but not sloppy. Tease your partner – at the beginning be very gentle. Give your partner time to rest from your lips to covet them.

Use all your senses to express your love with your lips. Take care of the hygiene of your oral cavity – the smell and taste can often be the strongest aphrodisiac (or just the opposite). Do not press your lips too insistently on your lover’s lips. Crushing lips will make kissing not a passion for him, and only he will associate with pain. It will be difficult for him to relax and respond to caresses.

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5. Tips that will make kissing become your specialty:

Gently bite your partner’s ear with your teeth – slowly start biting them lightly, do not forget about the delicate sucking of the earlobe – it’s a really effective technique. Gently suck the partner’s lower lip before you take your lips away from her. You can also gnaw it gently. Use your hands. Keep them on the person’s face. Fill her hair with her hands sliding her hand down the back of her head. Each of these tricks will add variety to the kiss and make the ground floor feel like you are still fondling. Strengthening the senses – put your lips to your partner’s lips, but do not kiss, do not move. This is not about the kiss itself, but about building shared intimate ties.

Be creative – develop your own style of kissing. Do not stick to one thing. Discover and let you enjoy your senses. Get to your partner’s mouth. Let your lover feel your commitment. Fuck your senses. Let your languages ​​begin to dance together, tease them, connect them, move them together and each one separately. Let your lover take the initiative once in a while. Lightly licks the neck using a soft hot breath. Head towards the lover’s ear. Move your lips to the upper part of the neck, where the hairline is located – it’s a very sensitive area. Start licking and nibbling in this place. Use chocolate, honey, wine or mint candy to make your lips have a sweet taste or to send a taste or smell to your partner, which allows you to awaken your senses.