how to increase libido in women
how to increase libido in women/

You used to almost want to tear of your husband’s clothes but now, you have been struggling from the “honey, not tonight” syndrome or simply known as low or poor sex drive. You are actually not alone in this battle. Millions of women all over the world are actually suffering from waning libido. Good thing is that there are numerous possible ways on how to increase libido in women helping them get their groove back.

The following are 10 proven ways aimed at increasing women’s libido and preventing it from being taken into a nose dive:

  1. Add Sex into your To Do List

You can go to work regularly, schedule appointments and work meetings and hang out with friends and loved ones so, why not sex? Keep in mind that regardless of how busy you are, you need to set aside a particular time with your partner. This means you are committed to having active and healthy sex life. Adding sex into your to do list with no excuses may likely to increase your libido and make you more excited for your next sexual encounter.

  1. De-Stress before Having Sex

For most women, kid’s grades, jobs, problem at home and more are everyday stressors and these may pose effects in your sex life than you might realize. Suffering from stress might lead your body to produce more flight or fight hormone cortisol that the body needs in just small amounts. This tends to suppress your libido since the body produces an excess. One way on how to increase libido in women is to de-stress. Find way to clear your mind before hitting the sheets. It can be curling up with some good books, taking a long shower and more.

  1. Set Up your Room for Romance

There are bad habits to break such as kids crawling into the bedroom in the case of married women or just a messy bedroom. There are certainly mood killers inside the bedroom. It might take some time to break these habits but you possibly can. To increase libido or sex drive, make your room sexy again. This will make you feel relaxed and ready for another intimate and arousing romance.

  1. Eat Clean

Following a healthy diet can also help women turn up that amazing heat between the sheets. Studies revealed that there is a link between high cholesterol and women with difficulties in orgasm and arousal. So to increase libido in women, it would be best to slash their cholesterol levels by means of loading up fruits and vegetables and minimizing whole-milk products and animal fats.

  1. Eat Aphrodisiacs

Vitamins and other essential components can enhance sexual desire and function. Almonds, strawberries, oysters and avocados are just few of the many good foods for better sex.

  1. Listen to Your Own Body

There are instances that poor sex drive is a symptom of a more serious medical problem. So, if along with this low libido you experience or begin noticing dry skin, weight gain, and fatigue and hair loss, does not ignore it. Medical experts also warn women that poor or low sexual libido is also being linked to other medical conditions like chronic fatigue and depression.

  1. Be a Poser

Yoga can boost your libido so take time to embrace this activity. It is like being more familiar into your body that can in turn help you become more in touch with your own sexuality. Women with sexual problems can benefit from Yoga. This can also improve orgasms and increase blood flow down there.

  1. Get Hands-On

It is true that locking fingers with your partner is sweet and it can also make you feel hot. Even the little acts of touching him can release oxytocin, a known hormone which boosts arousal and closeness. The trick here is to be spontaneous. The out of the blue thrill and excitement is what really prompts the body to pump out oxytocin and neurotransmitters that are related to sexual response therefore, you need to choose unexpected times to become a bit grabby.

  1. Read Something Erotic

Another effective way on how to increase libido in women is to read something erotic. Even experts agreed that reading something erotic can instantly prompt arousal. Also in reading, you can also find helpful insights and sexual tips that can help you achieve better and hotter sex life.

  1. Seek for Professional Help

If you are facing serious sexual problems such as poor sexual drive or libido, it would be best to seek for professional help if necessary. Sexual problems might stop you from initiating, desiring or even enjoying sex. To end your miseries, you can seek help from a sex therapist. This expert often treat individuals with diverse sexual issues like loss of sexual drive or pleasure that might originate from particular underlying conditions. This also provides talk therapy which can help couples and individuals take the necessary steps to regain normal libido and sexual functioning. Sex therapists may also encourage women to explore many different ways to become more intimate with each other even with or without sex.

Women deserve to have great sex but for some reasons such as poor libido or sexual function, their sexual life is put on compromise. But with the help of the proven ways on how to increase libido in women mentioned above, they can now enjoy hotter and more intimate nights with their partner.

It is true that having an active and healthy sex life is an intrinsic part of life. So when the fire of intimacy fades, women must do whatever means to restore back the interest and desire for sex. The above mentioned ways are designed to help women increase their libido and desire for sex. So, women are advised to follow these ways on how to increase libido and they will surely be heading towards a more exciting, intimate and pleasurable romance and sex. This is highly possible if they try their best to incorporate these ways in their lives.

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